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The Evolving of Homework in Digital Era to Improve Learning

You want to know more about parents homework and fun way out. It is not new topic but always interesting to explore. School, especially teachers, give homework with purpose. You attend class and the lesson is only one or two hours. Usually, you already have books, references, and anything as supplementary reading. If students have concern about their education, reading the reference is mandatory. The reality is you will not do such thing. Most of students rely on the teacher and class to get the lesson and education. After school is over, they will go home and most of them have free time. You imagine what they do at home without teacher, lesson, school, and education. The concern parents will put effort to ensure their kids can pass the exam and get the best score even the highest one. Unfortunately, such situation is unusual for common people. Most of them think the school has utmost responsibility. Of course, some schools have long period where the students can stay and do more learning. They might be at home only to sleep and eat. However, this is not the ideal world and situation is much different. The homework is the way to keep the students in check to ensure they start earning.

More about the Homework and Its Evolving Nature in Digital Ear

Many theories and methods have been introduced regarding education, learning system, and more related topics. Most of them are interesting to implement. Only few are relevant and compatible in today era. The old method is not bad, but you must adjust to adapt with the latest situation. As teacher, you have lesson and strict steps about learning management. One of them involves giving homework. You try hard to find solution and approach in order to avoid homework. At the end, it is still the important part of education. Learning is not just in the school. Students have various options, methods, and technology to support their education. Instead of homework as task to be done, it is treated as learning guidance. It is the new perspective that starts to implement and adjust in the digital era. Obviously, you just find reference, books, course, and many things about certain topic in the internet. The problem is you do not have plan and guide. With homework, you know where to start and what to find. The target is you solve the problem and provide with steps to get the solution. This kind of homework is more evolving that the standard one.

Lido Learning

Learning becomes more enjoyable and interesting after internet inception. Decades ago, you visited library to find books and supplementary materials. Everything was still in the printed content. In this situation, the homework was something the students did not like. Based on study, it was not about the number of tasks and things to be done. It became problem due to the homework must be done. They had pressure to finish on time. When they did not solve, the teacher would give something to reminder. If they were lucky, the punishment was more homework. From this point, you understand why most students have issue when there is the homework. On the other side, the parents also voice their concern. They think their kids are forced to do the task. When the kids do not know how to solve, the first help comes from the parents. However, you do not expect they know all the answers. Some of them are highly educated but solving all questions from various subjects is out of their knowledge. Of course, they try hard to help and provide the support. One of the best solutions is Lido Learning.

The service is unlike others because it is online course, learning, and lives classes. Students pick the subjects and course the check the schedule. They must attend the class on time via internet. The tutor will give the lesson and do private teaching. The benefit is one class only has up to six students. It provides more attention especially when students do not know the subject comprehensively. After class is over, Lido provides additional contents for supplementary reading and learning. Students can read and solve some assignments. This learning platform uses the real-life education system.  However, the internet becomes the tool to gather students. They do not need to be in specific place. Moreover, the course is more flexible due to you can select the subject and class that you like and need the most. If you have issue learning math, choose this one and start to attend live class. The platform has strict rule and all students must follow. As user, you must obey and do everything that has been explained. Even though learning session is flexible, discipline and motivation play major role to succeed.